Our next open day will be on Sunday 12th November between 11 and 4pm. This is a good time of year to see how a barbecue lodge can transform your winter evenings and parties. The worse the weather is outside the better it is inside your lodge.
The fire will be alight and a warm welcome and refreshments await!

If you would like to visit at a time to suit you - just call 01984 624040 to make sure we are here before you travel and we can light the fire and get the kettle on for your arrival. You can browse at your leisure with no hard sell.

We have booked an extra show at the Bath and West Showground on the 18th and 19th November.
The Homebuilding and Renovating show.

Inside your lodge

reindeer skins
Reindeer skins
seat cushions
Seat cushions in a Reindeer lodge

Wooden cup and coaster
Solar light
Reindeer skins
We now have a lovely selection of Scandinavian reindeer hides in stock. They come in various colours ranging from dark brown through to grey and white and are beautifully warm and soft.
Reindeer hides are a byproduct of meat production in Scandinavia where they use almost every part of the animal for food, clothing and decoration.

The skins are £115 including postage and packing (mainland UK only) and measure approx 80cm wide by 120cm long. They are first quality hides so will shed few hairs unlike second quality skins.
Seat cushions
We offer seat cushions for all of our lodges using a quality fire-retardant and washable Irish fabric in a range of colours.
They are made to measure for the seats and the lift-up beds so they work as mattresses when sleeping on the lift out benches.

Prices start from £525 for a set of eight cushions for a Fox lodge.
Scandinavian accessories
We can supply a selection of Finnish made accessories to enhance your Barbecue Lodge.
An authentic wood and reindeer antler clock, hand-carved wooden mugs, wooden coasters, wooden mobile phone bottle opener, a bowl, salt and pepper shakers, a cutlery set, thermometer and a kettle are all available in the pack priced from £175.

Solar light
If the lodge is not having a bbq or woodburner in the centre then a solar light is a great option. It reflects the light from outside - whatever the weather -and lights up the inside.

Barbecue Lodges Piece of mind Package.
For your piece of mind, all the lodges come complete with a CO monitor and fire extinguisher.